Saturday, June 10, 2017


Economy* is a linguistic phenomenon. It means the naming (pricing) of ecosystems.

Large mammals developed symbolic systems (languages) to coordinate economy (growth of general energetics through symbolic exergy). With open arms (limb interface), they welcomed microbial life into their physicality (sovereignty). They took advantage of the alacrity of their microbial kins and became a hybrid life form (fungal dominant).

Symbols, like fungi, seek dominance.  The polis is the symbol's (fungi's) organizational form. It expresses outward in order to colonize and regulate. The network connections (communication) of discrete things** creates ordered chaos conforming to the nebulous universe. With gravity, in time, they contract and harden.

Though the meaning of my speech is timestamped I can still speak as if it were hard (atemporal).

The temporality of symbols is arbitrary***(The arbitration of signs. Politics).

*Nounverb (how silly to separate the two)
**Objects of all orders of temporality
***Arbitrary doesn't mean random, it means up for arbitration.

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