Thursday, May 25, 2017

If it's important enough to effect everyone, it should be decided on by everyone

Proof is in the pudding: we don't need a president

If everyone stopped voting, the presidency would be obsolete (like the death of a god)

or vote for someone who will abolish it, either way a possible system (the milieu, new systems):

A national referendum can take place when at least (70)% of the citizenry express concern over a policy matter (or lack thereof) and such expressions could occur passively or actively so long as it is collected in a transparent and privacy respecting manner. However, to enact into law, the referendum requires (90)% of the vote, which means the (70)% concerned citizens have to somehow convince another (20)% of the citizenry to change their minds. Sorry top (10)%er (or conversely, bottom 10%ers) the masses will have their way with you.

Without a presidency, along with legally enforced protection from slavery (or debt bondage of other forms), the middle class will thrive: to resume the futurism of the mid 20th century.

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